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  1. Blogging: The new magazine

    The world as we know it has been completely altered from what it was 20 years ago, and suddenly, we are spending more time sitting and looking at screens than we ever imagined possible. Sometimes, it is hard to even remember what we did back before computers, the internet, social media, and smartphones. But things have changed, and one of the biggest changes that affect your business is the fact that people will read/see things on a screen before they see it in print. Though there’s still the few ...
  2. The Importance of Personalizing Mobile Ads

    One of the great benefits of mobile marketing is it allows companies to reach out to a broad number of consumers. Perhaps a more challenging task for mobile marketers is personalizing advertisements in order to make their consumers feel important to the company rather than just another number on the data sheets. Consumers like to feel important. In fact, the more appreciated consumers feel, the more loyal they become to companies. So while it might be more time consuming, and might even cost ...
  3. Driving foot traffic with mobile marketing

    As the smartphone market nears saturation, mobile continues to change the way consumers shop and the way businesses advertise. When it first began, mobile marketing was something only the large, national and international corporations did. Now even the smallest local businesses are getting into mobile marketing. If your business depends on getting foot traffic into a brick and mortar location, you might think that mobile marketing isn't for you. You couldn't be more wrong. Mobile is a great way ...
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  4. Managed magic mushroom doses might have psychotherapeutic uses

    Magic mushrooms have long been favored by some narcotic users. Now, one analysis finds that the same mushrooms might have utilizes in psychotherapy. Religious individuals in one small study that took psilocybin, the drug in magic mushrooms, noted both better life fulfillment and more sentimental openness for up to 14 months after the experience. Source of article: Controlled magic mushroom doses could have psychotherapeutic uses

    Individuals affected by Psilocybin

  5. GRAY MATTERS: Senior Center Without Walls helps isolated seniors

    She lives alone, can't walk to the mailbox and stopped driving six years ago, but Eureka's Elaine Silveria relies on her phone and Senior Center Without Walls to save her from the boredom and loneliness that plague so many seniors.

    She's become an armchair traveler and student of history as one of several North Coast residents to participate in a telephone program that offers activities, conversation, classes and support for free to seniors who find it difficult to go to local senior ...